Introduction to First Baptist Church of West Allis

Our purpose is and always has been, to make CHRIST KNOWN. We believe God has a plan for this Church and all of us here. We sometimes fail, but we are constantly seeking to do HIS will. It is a great adventure and each member is an important link to this great tapestry of life.

  1. We are an AMERICAN BAPTIST CHURCH, voluntarily affiliated with the Milwaukee Baptist association, the Wisconsin State Convention, and the American Baptist Churches USA.
  2. Like all Baptist Churches, we are completely self-governing and the final power is always in the hands of the people.
  3. Our promise to each other is our COVENANT.
  4. Our agreed basis of procedure is a CONSTITUTION. (as established by our congregation)
  5. The Church is administered by boards and officers elected by the people.
  6. The two senior officers of the Church are the Moderator and the Pastor.
  7. The three chief boards of the Church are:
    • The DIACONATE - responsible for the spiritual welfare of the church.
    • The BOARD OF TRUSTEES - responsible for the material welfare of the church. (property and finance)
    • The BOARD OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION - responsible for the continuing education of all our people - children and adults - in the Christian way of life.
  8. Above the boards is the CHURCH COUNCIL - consisting of board chairpersons and other key officers of the church. This Council is the general planning and coordinating body of the church. Both the Council and the Boards meet monthly.
  9. The most important decisions are made at CONGRGATIONAL MEETINGS in January, April, and October and at special times when necessary. It is exceedingly important for every member to be present at these meetings or our plan of government cannot work responsibly as it should.
  10. The Church has a distinguished and spirited history going back to its first roots in 1836 and its official founding in 1841.
  11. We are an "ecumenical" or cooperating church, voluntarily cooperating with the Milwaukee, the Wisconsin, the National, and the World Council of Churches.
  12. We love our church very much. It has strengthened us deeply. We take very seriously its witness - past, present, and future.

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